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Locality & Activities

Walking, Hiking, Canoeing, Biking, Stand-up paddle, River boat, Jeep tours etc directly from Vila Nova de Cerveira
with Olá Vida Adventures

Surfing, wind surfing, kite surfing, body boarding etc. at the Atlantic beaches (12km away)  -  Rafting (60km) with Vaguadaventura  -  Nature reserve, Pony rining, Eco farm, Activities etc.  Lagoas de Bertiandos Parque, Ponte de Lima...

Generally, the eco pista - a recently built foot- and bicycle path system on both sides of the river - offer lovely peaceful wanderings through the pastoral landscape and small hamlets between Cerveira, Valença, Monção and beyond.

A very traditional walk, that is getting more and more popular over the years, is the Portuguese coastal Caminho de Santiago fromPorto, Viana do Castelo, which then aligns with the river after the town of Caminha, following delightful lanes along the ancient route offering wonderful sea views and over the river to Spain.

Caminho de Santiago sign

Cerveira itself has a good variety of sports and fun activities to offer.
For children the aqua park provides a sheltered area for them to indulge in water fun and games.
Older kids and adults can rent bikes and kayaks on the waterfront. Olá Vida Adventures
Olá Vida offers a wide variety of activities, also including jeep tours and the river boat that stops at the otherwise unreachable islands opposite Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Next to the Aqua park is the Agua-museum of the river that holds an aquarium, otters and interesting artifacts and information of the rivers history and use over the centuries.

Close to the fair ground next to the river you also find a very good modern swimming pool.
The local Atlantic beaches Caminha (12km away), Moledo (14km), Anchora (16km), Afife (18km), Darque (22km) (Portuguese Atlantic coast), and A Guarda(22km), Baiona, Vigo(45km) (Spain)are known for surf activities and competions.

River beaches: Praia da lenta (Cerveira), Praia da Mota (Gondarem), Lanhelas, Seixas - and on the Spanish side Goian and as Praias das Eiras.

Higher up behind Caminha on higher moorland is the Serra d'Aga, a wilder landscape with goats and horses wandering free.
The Peneda Geres National Park is about an hours drive. Here you'll witness local farmers and people attending a way of life easily recognisable from centuries ago.

Trail Map example of walks in the area.  
Sample Walk Serra de Arga (pdf)
Trails Serra d'Arga (pdf)
Walking Trails (pdf)
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