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Locality & Activities

Special tips for times when you JUST want to RELAX

Apart from beautiful beaches along the Atlantic coast, and peaceful, idyllic river beaches,
it is possible to book massages and treatments, and attend Yoga class in Caminha, which I also attend myself.

The local Atlantic beaches: Caminha (12km away), Moledo (14km), Anchora (16km), Afife (18km), Darque (22km) (Portuguese Atlantic coast), and A Guarda(22km), Baiona, Vigo(45km) (Spain)

River beaches: Praia da lenta (Cerveira), Praia da Mota (Gondarem), Lanhelas, Seixas - and on the Spanish side Goian and as Praias das Eiras.

The Rias, across the bridge on the Spanish side, are a series of estuarine bays and inlets which probe inland offering some spectacular beaches and quiet waters.

The Ria of Vigo has a small group of protected islands called the Cies which are often compared to a carribean location.