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In relation to the Galician province of Pontevedra, Cerveira has an excellent location. The "friendship bridge" across the Rio Minho brings you in 5 minutes to Spain, Galicia and the Rias Baixas.

It's always a delight to wander around that side of the river and discover new cafes, bars or restaurants.
This region and coastline is known as the Rias Baixas which is also associated with the famous wine of the region, Albarino.
The Rias are a series of estuarine bays and inlets which probe inland offering some spectacular beaches and quiet waters.

The Ria of Vigo has a small group of protected islands called the Cies which are often compared to a carribean location. Vigo is a major seaport and city with a vibrant cultural scene and old center. 
Well worth a visit is Baiona on the coast between Cerveira and Vigo about an hours drive. It was one of the principal ports of Spains era of conquest and launched expeditions to the new world.
Right next to the town there is a lovely walk around a small headland surrmounted by an old fortification and the harbor is equealy pleasant to stroll.
Closer by is La Guarda a small fishing port just north of the mouth of the minho where good seafood can found. There is a lovely coastal walk here which takes you to the Minho river.
Tuy or Tui is about 30min away and has ancient roots in the Catholic church being an episcopal see by the 6th century and it's cathedral dates to the 12th century and is a major stopping point for numerous pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago.
Smaller villages abound close by such as O Rosal where once a big tile making industry thrived. Just outside the village are a series of old watermills constructed up a steep hillside where farmers made cornmeal and crushed olives. Today it boasts hillsides covered in vine of the Albarino strain and host a lovely wine festival during July.
The locality has quite a few highly regarded wineries some of which do conducted tours informing people of the viticulture and brewing process, afterwards tempting your taste with samples. The riverside has a number of small beaches with especially fine ones near the mouth opposite Caminha.
A small car ferry runs between the communities of Caminha and Camposancos at the river mouth which provides a means of making a circular trip around the Minho from Cerveira and back either by car or bike.

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